Our Network Evolution : Nature Optimised Wealth

History repeats yet we keep missing the replays.

This rinse and repeat might have still kept us going, if only we did not make new capacity systems like AI and biotech threatening our own existence, at a rate much, much faster than our coordination systems to govern them.

Now we’ve got issues too big to manage, and too hard to ignore.

Environmental crises. Propaganda politics. Ecological extinction events.


Maybe. The truth is that our earth’s ecological systems will be just fine if we all disappeared tomorrow. Our socioeconomic systems — another story.

Our Fiat won’t make it through the 21st century!
Not the car, the money.

Those IOUs that we’ve been borrowing from our children’s future with no payback guarantees, cannot ever manage the future risks of our fiat based funds. Roll the dice on incubators and accelerators to create production efficiencies all we want, most of our money will still be wasted with the inefficient and unaccountable economic tools of the past.

Current complications of climate, capital and community crises, only compound this situation, and we desperately need simplicity and agility to adapt to these challenges in real time right now…



That thing that you and I work so hard to realize our dreams and secure our future is just not working for us anymore. Sadly, money is now created by printing it, lending it or betting with it. Earning it by producing surplus, or saving it for our pensions and social safety nets, now only sacrifices those collective contributions to pay down the debts projected by the creators and lenders of this largely unaccountable version of modern money.

This limiting view of money backed by nothing has put our survival as a…

Free Your Life

Freedom :
The promise of liberation that’s pulling us towards the next vision of the future worth living into. Yet, when you talk to anyone, anywhere, struggling to make ends meet, you can clearly see that the popular story of freedom has never come true for most of us.

What about those of you that made it?

Does having all the money and influence in the world make you feel free? Or is it just as meaningless in a world where your children’s chances of breathing clean air or eating fresh food look questionable, your screen addictions leave your soul…

Decentralized Empathic Evolutionary Prosperity

Civilization to date has been built on free and cheap labor.

We can debate on its symptoms of racism, classism, inequality, war, prisons, poverty, politics, access to energy, water, food, healthcare, education and more, though the fact still remains that a few people benefit disproportionately from the work the rest of us do, and the risks the rest of us take while they don’t have to. So much so, that unfortunately, the idea that some lives are worth more than others, is integrated into our identities, whether we realize it or not.

To be fair, this…

Return On Intention

We believe in trust more than we believe in the truth.

We trust in the ways things used to be, so we keep on trampling over blooming flowers while chasing dying leaves to get us there. Innovations to provide for everyone, arrives exponentially everyday, yet they are less and less accessible to a frustrated population of embarrassed future millionaires betting their lunch money on the next lottery ticket out! Maybe that’s why we seem to revert back to 19th century political promises, protecting their 12th century economic premises.

The truth, however, is more difficult to ignore.

Sure, we can…

Co-creating the next now!

The World as we knew it is over!

Everything feels uncertain, and what comes next cannot be seen until we can let go of our limiting views of the past. We have been conditioned to see only our respective parts of the puzzle without understanding the whole. Our limiting ideas about innovation, investments, institutions and more have fused into our identities, and letting go is anything but easy.

Yet, this is exactly how life moves forward.

Today, the cost of access to everything is technically plummeting as you read this. Just about anyone can communicate with just about anyone…


Sex, Magic, Alchemy & Your Next Story of Us


I have a dream.

You know that feeling of knowing that you know even when you don’t know? That’s the one. The people and places change, though the feeling stays the same. Felt before said, each time the whispers sing in new tongues: There is another world, and it is inside this one.

We know what awaits us is amazing!

Sci-fi myths of the past are here in the present. The world travels with us in our pockets now, jet packs and hover boards are real things, we can…

Investment is exciting!

To dedicate energy towards seeing a dream become reality is a beautiful process. We invest in our relationships to everything. The food we eat, the company we keep, the things we build, and the capital we grow. Our relationship to the earth itself has been a long term investment, paying us the bountiful dividends to create the lives we are so grateful to live.

Yet, when we speak of investment today, we seem to be speaking some other language from another planet! …

The place we call home was never a place.

It is a space we hold for all the things we love. A space to land, a space to bring, a space to create and a space to share the best we can imagine. Essentially, the etymology of the word home begins with defining home as a place of permanence. A place to be, where everything we care about ultimately reside. Our families, our friends and all the things we love about life itself.

The funny thing though, is that these things we love are not things at all.

Love, compassion…

Ray Podder


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