Ray Podder
10 min readAug 17, 2014

The place we call home was never a place.

It is a space we hold for all the things we love. A space to land, a space to bring, a space to create and a space to share the best we can imagine. Essentially, the etymology of the word home begins with defining home as a place of permanence. A place to be, where everything we care about ultimately reside. Our families, our friends and all the things we love about life itself.

The funny thing though, is that these things we love are not things at all.

Love, compassion, trust and creativity may appear to live inside of things. In actuality, things live inside of creation itself. Somehow, in over emphasizing the rational masculine mind, that which had declared the separation of “things” is now filtering all human activity. Think of the science, education or the economics of today, which has lost the essential connection to the wonder we have been yearning to deepen ever since.

Perhaps, instead of running with Descartes’ notion of “I think therefore I am”, we may have been wiser to simply feel into that which we are. The “I” that should have been the stewards of spaces we call home may have naturally extended to include all of the living world we can observe and understand, extending onto the cosmos itself.

Maybe then, the Malthusian-Darwininian notion that everyone needs to justify their existence by effort into meaningless jobs would cease to exist. Especially now, when technology allows us to provide all the material abundance, to free us from the drudgery for the benefit of the few at the expense of the rest of us, and the future of our mother herself to support living here in her loving embrace. We might have been free now to explore our true creative natures, to bring into existence all the best humans have ever envisioned, and thus bring into creation a world that includes all life, for the highest quality of life.

Alas, that seems to be a distant dream within the delusion of separation, now on the fast track to our extinction. We give more energy to managing the symptoms of an worldview gone seriously awry, instead of focusing the higher order of creativity that has been here all along.

What if it didn’t have to be this way?

What if we could clearly see ourselves in relationship? Relationship to each other, to all life, to the universe itself? What if we naturally understood that connection as creativity through our entire being, instead of intellectualizing and conceptualizing it as an ideal in our heads? What if creativity finally came off the walls, off the screens, and off the objects and lived as it always has: in the moment, in the experience of living itself?

Our true story is about just that.

A story of a journey without a destination to bring creation back full circle. A journey to find the home we had never left. A home we had ill defined by the limiting material views of the past, and got confused in the ideas of things, and owning of those things. More for me than for you, as if there was not enough to go around.

Yet, our home is and has always been here.

We still think it is our material property, our physical dwelling, our official relationships with those we share common genetic material, however, it is, and it has always been much more.

Advancements in mobility and accessibility to information has already broken down the walls of the material constraints we still think with. From unprecedented distributed technical ability and peer to peer connectivity, those walls have already expanded both literally and metaphorically. Yet, we still cling to mine versus yours, us versus them, real versus imagined as if those were the only possibilities available to us. They are not.

There is more. Much more.

From the moment we are conscious of our existence, each of us realize we have something unique to offer. We each come bearing our special gifts, though the models for where to bring them are limited by the myths of a materially scarce worldview.

In other words, we are seeking our home we have yet to find. So we look for anything that looks like a home, without ever questioning how it was constructed. We are ready to self sort and force fit ourselves into containers predefined by the limited views of past generations.

Our identities are in direct relationship to what we can identify.

So when we identify with our political affiliations, cultural affinities, national allegiances or philosophical preferences, are we really being true to ourselves, or are we just opting for a convenient shortcut to fit in?

Think about that.

Is your identity really based on what you can identify through direct experience, or is it based on aligning with an incomplete model created by someone who never had the views you now have access to? What if you could close those gaps? What if you could expand your definition of identity and the home in which it lives, in direct proportion to all that you can see and understand? How would you live your life? How would you be in the world? How would the world be if each of us could see ourselves as we really are?

Not as people who create things, but as beings in relationship who co-create reality itself.

What kind of world would we live in then?

How would we realize such an existence if the models and tools suddenly became available to us? Where are the spaces which hold that in store for us? How can we see them so that we can bring our best to them? To create more with less from them? To share and support all others in proximity to expand the house we live in?

It’s here.

We see as far as we can hold.

We create as much as we can source.

We share as deep as we can connect.

Each of us have been traveling on this path to get here. This is our nature.

Some of us are most adept at holding the weave that becomes the space. Some of us bring the essential ingredients to fill these spaces with possibilities. Some of us synthesize the combinations of these ingredients to create from here, and some of us naturally share the bounty. We have all come here with some combination of these gifts.

Yet, we have been operating in isolation and producing without cohesion to the whole.

That’s why content has been king, when in actuality context is queen. To orchestrate reality to the next level is not about dueling ideas from dualistic world views, it is about having a wider definition of home to bring it to. To “bring it home” can no longer mean to solely possess for the benefit of my isolated genealogy, it really means to bring it for the shared place that will be here long after this iteration of us is just a fading memory.

This is our home.

Here, everything connects to everything else, to show us that we have much more than we could ever need. Where nothing is wasted and everything is enhanced because our gifts are finally fully utilized. We don’t leave here and go somewhere else. There is no out. We breathe the same air and drink the same water and touch the same elements of all those who walked before us, and those who will walk long after we are gone.

It’s all the same stuff.

The quality of meaning we give it can shrink or expand the quality of our lives proportionately. This is why our containers are important. This is why our contexts are important. This is why inclusion is important. This is why cohesion is important.

This is why YOU are important.

Look around. Each person, each life form is bringing a special gift. When you hold the space for that gift to be used fully, it creates something new to be shared with the rest of everything and everyone that is already connected to it. Be mindful and you will see who holds what, and how to bring that into the fold. You live in a bigger home now. It is no longer defined by the material. It is no longer defined by the mind. It is much, much more.

This is the awakening you were intellectualizing.

Except, intellect has nothing to do with it. It lives beyond the mind, beyond the symbols, and before the invention of all the languages that distort our view of what is. What is just is. Each of us know it when we truly love. Love each other, love all life, love being here at home. Our real home. Not the one we have been seeking for millennia in the material world as if it was somewhere else but here. It is not.

It’s here.

It’s in our circles. The circles you see, the circles you hold, the circles of life that ebb and flow through the unseen web that connect us all.

The access is simple. The technology lives with each of us. The lenses activate instantly when you realize the obvious. We are here only in relation. Relation is connection. Connection is creation. Creation is life. Life is art. Art is rhythm. Art is right.

Are you ready live your full and wondrous life? Good.

Let’s bring it home.

Holding Home

When we realize that we have the ability to manifest who we really are in the world, the practice of holding sacred spaces alone can set a precedent for planetary prosperity. When we co-create secure environments of trust, free of projected judgement, free of expected behaviors of identities and roles learned from this current iteration of society, the amazing emerge.

Whether you take the psychoanalytical neuroscience view of rewiring our cognitive capacities, or the metaphysical view of tuning into the quantum field of possibilities, or simply having a circle of people to trust and help you grow, we all have the empathetic ability to help each other thrive. Holding a space free of judgement and free of stories that had ruled our lives in the past, frees us up to reinvent the reality of our choosing.

We can finally start to peel back the layers of narratives we have adopted as our identities, to the roles those identities play in our communities, ultimately to civilization at large. Intimate supportive spaces facilitated by those who understand the significance of free expression can radically transform us into the beings we really are. We can be unapologetic, focused, clear and loving all at the same time to be the change we wish to see in the world.

The mechanics are simple.

You need someone to hold, or maintain the integrity of the space created. Someone to bring all the relevant ideas and information to drive the intention, and someone to clear the way for each participant to express themselves, so that we can bring what we create together to the world.

The practice is essential.

To create another set of possibilities for humanity requires consistency. Consistency in the midst of the confusing and conflicting narratives driving the thought projected madness of the mass culture we are all embedded in. The one that is not working for all of humanity, yet insisting we do more of the same to accelerate the insanity because its the only thing this beast knows. We have given this savage story of scarcity and separation way too much energy and now it is on autopilot heading towards the cliff of our demise, while we stay unceremoniously busy to argue about the seating arrangements.

This is why the consistency of holding new spaces for possibilities become critically important.

We can now choose how we want to hold each other accountable to create company, create community, create ourselves and create what and how we want our world to be. There is no one to blame for what is not working in the world. The world is as we are.

We’d like to believe that the external world exists independently of us, though that is far from the truth. We co-create this reality. You can take that whichever perceptual level you want to see it, you know in your bones that this is true.

Let’s make our new home free.

Let’s move past materiality to manifest the marvelous. Let’s make all the amazing things we have created, and have yet to create actually accessible to all instead of being leveraged for a few. Let’s learn for the sake of understanding towards wisdom instead of collecting data points to make the deal. Let’s create the next stories together to hold our dearest values of honor, trust, service, joy and love above the petty means to possess that which had never belonged to us in the first place.

We have only imagined owning spaces.

Spaces were never meant to be owned any more than the physical body you believe is you is actually you. Physical spaces are granted to us by the earth. We create meaning from them materially and spiritually to define and distribute their inherent wealth to all the living, so that we leave them better than we have found them for generations to come. This is our timeless story. We have lived in resonance with the earth for as long as we have been aware of our existence…that is, until this most recent storyline of acquisition at each other’s expense.

We can rewrite that old story by the spaces we can hold to be home now.

I’m starting the practice of holding the next spaces for organizations to GROW from quantity to quality, from capitalism to holism. What will your holding practice be? How will you you hold the next space to shift society? Where will you find your true home? Let me know.

I’ll meet you there.