ONE : Our Network Evolution

Ray Podder
9 min readSep 28, 2019




That thing that you and I work so hard to realize our dreams and secure our future is just not working for us anymore. Sadly, money is now created by printing it, lending it or betting with it. Earning it by producing surplus, or saving it for our pensions and social safety nets, now only sacrifices those collective contributions to pay down the debts projected by the creators and lenders of this largely unaccountable version of modern money.

This limiting view of money backed by nothing has put our survival as a civilization in peril!

We can’t earn money faster than it can be printed, and we can’t pay for the resources that we’re betting against it. Printing more debt as cash by hedging on futures and derivatives, while patching up the bankrupt public pensions with liquidity FX trading of corrupt cash not tied to actual assets doesn’t help much either. Now we’re at visible breaking points of no return. Accelerating our existential apocalypse of the climate crisis, civil unrest, class warfare, ecosystem collapses, mass extinctions, physical and psychological pandemics, poverty and more systemic suffering…Having achieved nothing more than creating a kick the can version of a global economy, that is no different than paying off one credit card debt with another.


What if it didn’t have to be like this?

What if we could redesign our own money so that its supply and demand would be digitally managed in real-time like we already do on a ride share app, and we’d never have to be slaves to debt ever again? Businesses could flourish without ever having to pay interest on their loans? Every transaction that we did, would earn us direct equity into the whole economic ecosystem in equilibrium? What if we could all print, invest and bet against our own money, backed by our real resource assets and real relationships?

Yes and yes!

Our technologies and techniques allow us exactly that capacity right now. Decentralized smart IDs, DLT/blockchain 3.0, machine learning, artificial super-intelligence, virtual and augmented reality learning experiences, connected to geospatial data and the Internet of Everything, processed with the next supercomputers, accessed everywhere with local wireless mesh networks, and engaging everyone through simple, social gamification of everyday economic activity — limited only by our imaginations!

Seeing another way forward…

Every epoch in human history is marked by the appearance of a seemingly insurmountable collection of crisis, accompanied by a series of insights and ideas that question the foundation of our current reality by evidence to the contrary. In other words, when the nature of inquiry conflicts with the nature of reality, we collectively experience a paradigm shift. Suddenly, the earth is no longer flat, the Sun does not fall off the edge of the sky and fire is no longer a manifest of magic. We are living through ONE of those times.

What is technically possible now questions our fundamental assumptions about our socioeconomic reality at its very roots. Questions like: Can our economics and ecology integrate to co-exist in harmony? Can supply and demand maintain perpetual equilibrium in real time? Can individual impact be understood on a global scale? Is intelligence artificial or natural? Are debt and inflation necessary to create currency? Can we shift from personal acquisition to global contribution as the default mode of our civilization?

The answer to all of the above rests on a simple yet universal truth :

Alone, there will never be enough.
Together, we have more than we could ever need.

My friends and I started imagining on these possibilities for decades. As storytellers, designers, technology and systems science geeks, we could see the problems from a lifetime of frustration with the current money game, and wanted to solve the problem at the root for ourselves. We arrived here by asking some critical questions : What if our money could be issued, invested and insured by us and for us? How would we back this with the resources we can see now and the resources we can’t see just yet? Where would we use it with currencies we’re currently familiar with? What standards could we come up with to measure its real time value relative to its present and future usefulness to us?

See, there is always another world and it exists within this one, when we have the eyes to see it. What we saw was the emergence of ONE : Our Network Evolution—A new world of real time, regenerative resource based, living breathing economy in sync with ecology.

Welcome to ONE—Our three part ONE-ON-O
Integrated Economy 3.0 Upgrade to this next story of us.

ONEOur Network Exchange is our natural capital and infrastructure asset backed, institutional grade network scale co-operative banking and insurance ecosystem for exchange that secures and stabilizes our money with the entire network’s resources in real time. Democratizing our access to co-invest in fractionalized shares of networked utilities like media, data, water, energy, housing and mobility backed by industrial grade infrastructure assets for an instantly liquid, real-time resource based economy.

ONOur Networks co-production protocol for smart, bioregion based decentralized circular economies, designed to back ONE with the best of platform cooperatives and resource backed community currencies at network scale. Using Cooperative Game Theory and our own co-production gamified architecture for engaging our members and measuring our individual impact relative to our collective benefits. Think of ON as networks of community owned crowdsourcing engines for co-investing in real world resources in real-time to secure our collective net worth.

OOur Money that both serves as the reserve and index with a meta-token protocol connected to our decentralized digital IDs. Reclaiming control over our private data and permissions, while making us accountable to our own contributions and commitments in real-time project contexts.

The O obsoletes the idea of burning up fossil fuels for “crypto mining” because we know that consensus is contextual. We co-produce value and share it with the network to prove our performance, engagement, cooperation and share the benefits. Always in equilibrium, never inflated, backing and issuing our own currencies with real resources and relationships to empower our everyday exchanges, insured by the network reserves of all the forms of money we earn, spend and save.

Everything connects to everything else— A real-time resource based economy is not only possible now, it is essential to address the critical systemic challenges we now face as a civilization!

ONE : Our Network Exchange is not another speculative crypto exchange platform, or a platform offering from a GDP based framework, instead, it’s platform independent network protocol designed with autonomous smart contingencies that checks our assumptions against our actions, based on our contributions and commitments to get real work done. Essentially accounting for supply and demand signals in real time to maintain economic equilibrium with zero inflation.

This is designed to engage all of us, as co-invested networked members to deliver on this accountable Proof of Performance, because our own personal shares, are also measured by the O reserve index.

ON : Our Networks co-production protocol offers platform DAOs for ON-Boarding of industrial grade infrastructure investments onto the ONE with the reserve index O and the GEO, NEO and REO platforms for representing the key pillars of infrastructure.

GEO or Global Energy Optimization for Energy and Materials, connected by NEO or Network Engagement Optimization with Telecom and Data services, completing the value generation for REO or Real Estate Optimization for integrated Infrastructure and Real Estate.

These assets now are owned by a few. However, they can be de-risked and diversified at network scale as we begin democratizing our access to them as fractionalized co-investments with ONE, we secure our money with our resources with unprecedented levels of transparency and accountability. Think of them like the fertile soil, water, sunlight and air for planting seeds in the global garden, we need to grow now to feed our future.

ONE ecosystem infrastructure backed social bond based banking an investment model overview.

Say Hello to RTO

The reserve index O on the ONE ecosystem enables RTOs or Real Time Offerings, that break the current unsustainable economic cycle by closing the gap between guesswork and emerging network intelligence. Think of them as the best of ICO+STO+IPOs that must prove their network utility value before issuing secure future shares for investment.

RTOs represent real world, dynamic data managed, science based, impact investments with a growing supply of diversified systemic solutions to have our multi-generational wealth preserved, our investment portfolios made safe, our resource based assets secured, and our societies resilient to the systemic challenges ahead.

GEO, NEO and REO represent RTO onboarding platform DAO pathways into a real time resource based economy turned ON.

ON, or Our Networks community co-production protocols account for our individual contributions and commitments (real-time supply and demand signals) to secure the value we co-create together beyond the guesswork models of the current economic paradigm.

We know that trust is fundamentally about the faith between me and you to deliver on our promises, before money even comes into the picture.

This O-ON-ONE integrated, gamified network based approach is designed to re-engage all of us with all of the world we can see together. Incentivizing us to co-create and share our best solutions and services, instead of holding them in silos. Replenishing our common regenerative resources and restore the trust back into our communities.

Right now, we have everything but time.

Wise investors already know that our current economic and financial systems are ill equipped to respond to the impending financial and ecological collapse. The economic instruments we have grown up with are founded on assumptions that are no longer viable in the age of networks.

Networks connect us to previously unknowable future outcomes with real time deep data now available for critical investments to preserve culture, maintain biodiversity, geotag natural capital resources as real assets, to manage just-in-time decision making. Printing more unsecured debt as (hyper) inflationary money, and then publicly misrepresenting it as “assets under management” to lend against, has too many blind spots and single points of failure we simply cannot afford to face our future with!

We need everyone to do everything now!

The ONE-ON-O integrated solution represents exponential opportunities for everyone. Of course old habits die hard, though we can do much better than wishful thinking, spending our limited resources on complaining about how to police the bad actors or to record the damage on blockchains. Rather, we can reframe and reinvent the economic game at play by shifting the playing field itself.

ONE is designed to be an all-inclusive framework to usher in the era of regenerative solutions and reframe the upsides for every one of us. Systemic crisis is also a surplus of opportunity to flip the future in our favor now.

The timing of this is critical.

We are living through a time of unprecedented possibilities. Think of this :
We have never ever had a global society…ever! Yet, it may be our only viable option to overcome the planetary scale challenges we’re facing. We need everyone to bring their gifts together now.

This is an open invitation to another paradigm of prosperity for all of us. We are inviting everyone — investors, innovators, and individuals to dive in to reimagine and reinvent what Our Network Evolution can look and feel like.

Please join us on to jumpstart this next story of us, to redesign our world to work better for every one of us.

Many thanks in advance.