Ray Podder
7 min readJun 11, 2021

Our Network Evolution : Nature Optimised Wealth

History repeats yet we keep missing the replays.

This rinse and repeat might have still kept us going, if only we did not make new capacity systems like AI and biotech threatening our own existence, at a rate much, much faster than our coordination systems to govern them.

Now we’ve got issues too big to manage, and too hard to ignore.

Environmental crises. Propaganda politics. Ecological extinction events.


Maybe. The truth is that our earth’s ecological systems will be just fine if we all disappeared tomorrow. Our socioeconomic systems — another story.

All of our stories are rooted in our relationship to time.

Our view of time is limited to the stories of our lives, as in the cost of anything is the amount of life we trade for it. This limiting view is now digging up time from the past as fuel from our dead ancestors and then projecting a future that has to keep stealing it as debt from our children’s children!

We use this one-way view of money and economics created by the power games borne from the profit motives of a few to manage this dysfunctional relationship with time and still confidently call it wealth? What the…